What is Live Danger?
Simply put, we set up shop at a place and time of your choosing and print wearables (or other items) that can be customized/created by anyone in attendance. They’ll pick a shirt size and color, a design that has been pre-determined before the show, and where on the item they want to place the design (e.g., front, back, at the neck line, upside down).

We can sell the item on your behalf or give it away as a promotional piece. We’ve done this at events, concerts, festivals, conventions, VIP gifting suites, awards shows, parties, bar rooms, ballrooms, rooftops, backyards and offices. We provide logistics and the people to get it done. Our staff is friendly, hard-working group of problem solvers that will get the job done. We’ve done hundreds of these activations all over the country for corporations and individuals with many different objectives and needs.

Where can it be done?
Inside or outside—anywhere we have a dry area about 10ft x 15ft and electrical power. We can use power generators and have a tent if needed. We are based in Atlanta, GA, but can ship our gear anywhere and travel to your event. We ship using LTL truck service to anywhere domestically within 5 days. Loading dock or lift gate service is required.

What are set up logistics?
Ideally, there’s a dry 10′ x 15′ area for our blocked-out footprint, but we have worked in many different configurations. The main thing is setting up so traffic flows in one direction.
Power requirements:
A single120v, 20a dedicated circuit for each press
2 hours or less from final layout plan to set up ready to print

How long does it take?
Production time for shirts is right at about 200/hour if demand warrants.
Event times are variable.
Shirts are ready to wear once they are printed, and people tend to wear them with pride immediately.

How many can you do at an event?
300/hour if demand is there

What items can you decorate?
We’ve done shirts, sweatshirts, bandanas and tote bags in the past. If you have an idea or something different, run it by us and we’ll see if we can figure it out.

Can we supply designs?
We can design for you, or you can supply print-ready artwork. We’ll guide you through what works best and what’s not going to work so well.

I still have questions, how can I get more info?
Emails us