How does it work?

Simply put, we set up shop at a place and time of your choosing and print wearables (or other items) that can be customized/created by anyone in attendance. It’s a great option for experiental marketing because it can be customized for the exact interaction you wish the event-goer to have. They’ll pick a shirt size and color, a design that has been pre-determined before the show, and where on the item they want to place the design (e.g., front, back, at the neck line, upside down).

Is it as good as "regular" screen printing?

There are special challenges to mobile printing. We’ve spent a lot of time and resources wash and ink-cure testing to see what will last the longest after the event is over. The methods and techniques we employ are all focused on making sure whatever the event-goer walks away with will last and represent brands well for many years.

Where can it be done?

What are set up logistics?

How long does it take?

How many brandings can you do at an event?

What items can you decorate?

Can we supply designs?